Favorite Cutting Tools

This is my list of 8 favorite cutting tools that I use almost every day. Have you ever asked yourself – what tools are the best for cutting paper, why are there so many different tools? It’s a question I asked many moons ago. Good news, I can answer those questions and give you my favorite products and how and when I use each one.

Paper Trimmers


My favorite trimmer for cutting paper is currently the one that I keep in it’s box. Last year we downsized our house. Before, I had a shared bonus room that was my scrap space. I had my desk and two tables that held all of my machines and large tools. Today, my scrap space is in the breakfast nook. I love my cozy corner with all of the natural light. However, I lost the tables that kept my big trimmers on.

I love my Cutterpillar Crop, it’s amazing how clean and straight each cut is. It has a lighted edge guide that uses 4 batteries (I do not use this feature). I have cut card bases with a stack of five to ten pieces of cardstock with no issues. The blade is self sharpening, so it should never need to be replaced. It’s housed in a plastic carrier, perfect in case little fingers are nearby.

I happen to have the smaller Crop version, it’s great for taking to crops. They also make a larger Cutterpillar Pro (17.8 x 14.9 x 4.6,) this would be perfect for a large craft space.


My first paper trimmer is the one pictured above. I love the Fiskars SureCut Deluxe Craft Paper Trimmer, it’s lightweight and fits easily in my IKEA Expedit. One of my favorite features of this model is the wire cutting guide. The blade slides along the wire for a straight cut. It’s easy to see exactly where your cut will be. One of the draw backs for me, the blades go dull very quickly. If you use this trimmer a lot, be sure to have a backup supply of replacement blades…you will need them!


Cricut Portable Trimmer one of my favorite cutting tools

I really didn’t need another trimmer, but this one came with some other tools in a package I found at my Tuesday Morning a few years ago. I was happy to find that this little, very lightweight trimmer cuts very well. I pull this one out for most projects I work on. I have found that the blades last a fair bit longer than the Fiskars trimmers, which is a good thing. The replacement blades are reasonably priced and come in a two pack.

Scissors – please don’t run with them!

A good pair or three or more, are a must for any scrapbooker. There are many brands out there, but I only have a few. A long time ago I owned a few pairs of decorative edge scissors. These would cut your paper in different border edges, like scalloped or deckled.

My most used and loved scissors

Tim Holtz by Tonic

The Tim Holtz scissors are the pair in the middle. These are the ones I use the most, especially when I have a lot of cutting to do. They have a non-stick micro-serrated blade and comfort grip handles so my hand doesn’t ache as much. I love how they leave a little distressed like edge when I cut with them.


I usually reach for my Fiskars scissors when I am cutting stickers or washi tape. Even though all of the pairs I have pictured have a non stick coating, I try to only use one pair for cutting sticky items. I also have a second pair of the same scissors for cutting ribbon and twine.

Cutter Bee by EK Success

Let me tell you how much I love these little scissors…so much so I have 4 pairs! Yep, four pairs. I have them all over the house and one pair at work. These little guys are the best for cutting in small intricate places. Non stick coating makes them easy to use on stickers and washi tape and if they do get a little sticky, a quick wipe takes care of them.

Die Cutting Machines

I won’t lie, I have a few…like maybe 5 different ones. I am only going to talk about the two I have out and use the most. I will say that I recently received the Silhoutte Cameo 4 and I have done a few simple cuts with it. Sometime down the road I plan to review my experiences, but I am not quite there yet. So, here are the two in my cozy nook!

Sizzix Big Shot

My well loved Sizzix Big Shot

This machine sat in a closet for five years before I ever turned the handle. I received it two days before I took my hiatus from the hobby and so it just sat, alone and sad in my closet. When I did bring it out, I watched a few tutorials on how to use it. I pulled out a few dies and gave it a spin. It is so easy to use, and it cuts like a dream. I have built up a nice collection of dies, I may even have a Harry Potter set! I love how you can use this one machine to die cut and emboss with. I have a few of the Tim Holtz steel rule dies and a whole lot of wafer thin dies, they all cut beautifully!

Many different brands can be used in the Big Shot

We R Memory Keepers

I love my little baby die cutter! It so little, it fits on a shelf on my desk. I love that it is so small, weighs almost nothing and is easy to use. I pull it out for little things like labels, alphabets and small embellishments. It came in a bundle with the cutting plates and a few dies…the perfect gift to give your favorite scrapbooker!

Something for Every Scrapbooker

So…did you discover any new products from my list of 8 favorite cutting tools? I have a few other tools that I love but aren’t necessarily cutters that I plan to share in a future post…think distressing!

Really, it comes down to what your needs are. Just starting out, you could really get by with just a good pair of scissors if you are able to cut straight lines (alas, that is not me).

For me, if I could only have one of the tools above I would pick my Cutterpillar Crop trimmer. It cuts straight, I can easily cut many sheets and it never needs to have the blade replaced.

Luckily, I don’t have to choose and I will continue to use and love all of my tools. Hope to see you again here soon!

Happy Scrapping!

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