Merry Christmas fellow scrapbookers! I hope Santa brought some fun tools and supplies to you this year! I am patiently waiting for after dinner tonight to see what Santa brought me. With a spouse that works in retail for a company open 365 days a year, we have learned to go with the flow. We open gifts when it works for us. It helps that my little ones are now in college and are easy going about it all.

Christmas Wishes 2020

Managing Life

I have missed writing on my blog, but like this entire year…not everything has gone to plan. I have been lucky enough to go back to my job part time since June so I have that first and foremost. I have also been proofreading books for a few authors and that can be very intense and time consuming. However, this is something I really enjoy doing and have been doing for about 7 years. I have decided to let a few of my authors go in 2021, I felt like I was rewriting the entire story because of all of the continuity issues, grammar and typos. So that should help in my time management a bit.

I am still designing t-shirts with my daughter, we have been having a lot of fun doing it. Her design skills are really improving as she takes the skills she learns in her classes and applies it to her art. We are taking a break for a bit to enjoy the holidays and winter break at school.

In between those projects, I do try to scrapbook and read for my own pleasure. I have been enjoying reading some cute Christmas romances and they are just perfect…not to long and not too heavy. I am still following along with Shimelle every month with her Best of Both Worlds kit. I really look forward to each Facebook Monday and Friday live to see what inspriation she will give me.

Christmas 2020

With the way the year has been going, I was really not looking forward to the holiday season. I knew many things would be cancelled and it was looking nothing like Christmas in my community. Our city doesn’t really put up festive decorations anymore, our downtown has almost no shopping and it was still warm going into December. I started to feel the winter blahs before it was even winter!

December? Looks and feels like October!

So, I decided to take Shimelle’s Journal Your Christmas class this year. I needed something to help me find the spirit and joy of the holiday in these very difficult times. I put together a bunch of Christmas supplies from my stash and I filled a basket with all kinds of embellishments. I spent a day, just sorting through all of my supplies and trying to decide which ones would work best together.

My Christmas Journal

Class began on December 1st and let me just say…I was hooked! I am having so much fun working on my Christmas Journal/album!! I look forward to Shimelle’s emails with each day’s prompt and can’t wait to make my entry. It has really helped make this month happy and fun.

Website Issues

In the fall, I started to have issues with my website. Luckily nothing serious, but just frustrating and annoying. One of the main issues was a part of a program that changed. When I started, I was able to write however much I wanted and all was good. I would publish my article/post/whatever and went about my life.

Then, it would start giving me warnings and error messages saying my post was not compliant. Since it’s my own website, who was I not being compliant to? They wanted each post to be 3500 – 5000 words long to get a passing grade before publishing. Uh…I don’t always have that much to write, sorry.

So, I have done a bit of research and asking around. I guess the Google bots will only showcase websites with really long content articles. I started this with the idea of sharing my love of scrapbooking and trying new products. I wasn’t here to write a novel each entry. I saw other scrapbookers had some long, some medium and quite a few short (like a paragraph) blog posts. They are writing things I enjoy reading, even if it’s only a paragraph and a few photos.

Today, as a Christmas gift to myself…I figured out how to disable that pesky notice. I will write however much I have to say and not worry about red warnings telling me I am not compliant. It feels good to be a rebel and be in control! Sorry Google bots, I’m back in charge. If they don’t showcase my website…so be it.

The New Year

As we head into 2021 next week, I am hopeful the year will be better for everyone. I know it won’t be easy or happen overnight. My plan is to try and scrapbook more and write on here once a week. Plans and life change, so I am giving myself permission to alter the plan as needed. I will be continuing with Shimelle with Best of Both Worlds, I want to try a new kit club for this year and I really want to add more stamping into my layouts.

I hope that you have a beautiful holiday and a very Happy Healthy New Year!

Wishing you Happy Scrapbooking!