It’s Back and I Am So Excited

Best of Both Worlds was a concept that was started a few years back by Shimelle Laine when she was with Two Peas in a Bucket. This month she has brought it back to her website and Facebook page and I am so excited to join in on the fun!

What is Best of Both Worlds

It’s like a monthly scrapbook kit…but it’s not. Every month Shimelle will post a shopping list of supplies from that she will be using in the next month. Since she is in England, the shipping time is a bit long for her. She also encourages scrapbookers to shop at their local scrapbook store if they have one. I wish I had one where I live, I miss going to scrapbook stores and finding all of the latest products.

The list will consist of papers, embellishments and stash builders – stamps, inks, stencils etc. The best part of this type of kit is that it gives you complete control over how much you spend and what you choose for your kit. If there are lots of boyish colors and you have girls, feel free to switch them out for pinks and pastels.

Let’s say she includes a stamp set and ink pad in the kit. If you are not a stamper, then you wouldn’t order those two items. What if you have the stamp set already and you could use a new ink pad but you’re not crazy about the color she selected. You have the choice to pick a different color, one that matches your style or needs.

Shopping Your Stash

If you have a large stash of supplies (like we know we all have), chances are pretty good that you may already have some of the items already. Then you are in luck, just pull out those products and purchase only the items you need.

Maybe your crafting budget is low right now, no worries – shop your stash! Shimelle gives alternatives to products if you are stash shopping or if is out of stock. I did that on my August kit, a few papers were out of stock so I just went through my stacks of paper to find alternatives. I think I came pretty darn close with the few I couldn’t order.

I also chose not to order the stamp set and ink pad. Since the stamp set had different camera motifs, I knew I had lots to choose from in my collection. If you have Shimelle’s Head in the Clouds stamp set, it has a great camera in it. I also opted to pick from the ink pads I already have on hand. I like that you have so much freedom in your selection of staying true to the shopping list or changing things up.

Following Along with Shimelle

Now the fun really begins! In order to see how Shimelle will use her Best of Both Worlds kit, you will need to follow her on Facebook at Shimelle@glittershim. Here she scrapbooks live almost every Monday and Friday. Since she is in the UK, I never seem to be able to catch her live, but I always look forward to watching the replay in the evening. It’s my treat I look forward to while I am at work!

She will also be posting on her website, and her YouTube channel. Her YouTube videos are edited and shorter than the live sessions. I love the live sessions, it feels like we are scrapbooking together with a group of friends. We share ideas and stories, it’s also where the idea came up for Shimelle to bring back BoBW Kit.

My Final Kit

Best of Both Worlds August 2020 Kit

As you can see, my kit looks a little bit different from Shimelle’s, that is perfectly fine. Instead purchasing the stamp set, I picked four from my stash that have a variety of camera motifs. I picked enamel dots that I had in my supplies and my inks are ones I have had for a bit that need some love. was out of the Fitzgerald Glitter letters, but the set I have looks the same in my eye. I already had the sticker sheets and I have even used a few already on other layouts.

I am ready to start my next layout, guess what I will be doing later today!

Happy Scrapping!